Oktoberfest…It all started with a simple Facebook post. 8/30/13

I still have a month before I depart for Munich, Germany, and on my two week European journey, but the excitement of what’s to come is very much with me as I type this.  So how did this all begin?  As the title suggests, a simple Facebook post, more specifically a status update by the one and only Nina Sargeant Grine.  Nina, who by the way made the best drink ever (the mulekicker), writes that she would be going to Oktoberfest this year and asks if anyone wanted to join.  Up until that moment the thought had not crossed my mind, at least not this year.  Suddenly, and with no hesitation, I reply to her post with a resounding “YES!!!”  At that moment it all became very real and, suffice to say, the previously mentioned excitement began to build.  Nina was kind enough to send me a message in FB suggesting I book a hotel in Munich ASAP, considering this was for Oktoberfest and they would potentially be selling out rooms rather quickly.  Damn was she right.  After some quick research, I found a hotel that was pretty close to where Nina will be staying, and not too far from the Oktoberfest location.  A short while later, a three night stay at around $600 was booked, followed by a $600 flight to Munich.  It’s on!!

FYI.  Itinerary includes: 3 days in Munich with a 7.5 hour layover in Copenhagen, 2 days in Zurich, 3 days in Paris, 3 days in London and currently 3 days in Dublin.  I should point out that I have yet to purchase a flight back.  To follow are my adventures at Oktoberfest as well as whatever else may come on my trip.

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