Is it September 27th yet? The date to the right would suggest no. 9/01/13

Here I sit, at the airport in Atlanta, anxiously waiting, not for my connecting flight, but for these 26 days to go by rather quickly.  I feel I should mention I am returning to the DC area after going to Florida for my friends’ Mark and Kayla’s wedding…so congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Villena.  Now back to the 27th.  I received a Facebook message from Nina earlier today in regards to coordinating for Munich.  She’s planning to go see museums, the Glockenspiel, among other things.  I have the same ideas, so that’s easy enough.  We each know where the other is staying, and now we just need to plan when and where we shall be meeting for Oktoberfest and any other activities.  Facebook will certainly be our main form of communication while in Munich.  T minus 26 days and counting.  For now, after a 2.5 hour delay in Atlanta, I’m finally headed home.

PS. Forgot to mention that after Oktoberfest, the rest of the itinerary will be me traveling on my own. Hence the “solo” part of The (Generally) Solo Traveler. Plenty of pictures to come.

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