Finally! The time has come!!!!! 9/27/13 – 9/28/13

First on the itinerary?  The 7.5 hour layover in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Well, first I have to get there.  I’m currently 37,000 ft. in the air, just under five hours away from Copenhagen.  Sucks that they don’t have on-board Wi-Fi…oh well.  Good thing I have my tablet…with Solitaire.

Oh yeah, Copenhagen.  Originally my plan was to leave my backpack and camera bag in a locker, taking only my camera, and going to the city.  Apparently, every single locker in Copenhagen Airport was out of order, so there goes that plan.  After quite a while, I finally managed to make my way to Copenhagen CBD, though not the desired stop.  Copenhagen has a pretty confusing metro system.  Nevertheless, I proceeded to walk around, backpack and camera bag in tow, and see some of Copenhagen.  While I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to, I did get to see Copenhagen’s most arguably famous attraction: The Little Mermaid statue (see picture below).  Things may not have gone according to plan, but I still got to see a “sneak peak” of the beauty that Copenhagen has to offer.  I certainly see myself coming back and spending more time enjoying Copenhagen, hopefully without the joy of carrying my backpack and camera bag the entire time.
For now, off to Munich!!!
Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen

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