Finally reached the Promised Land, better known as the Oktoberfest grounds. 9/29/13

When in doubt, follow the crowd.  I’m pretty sure that expression applies anywhere in the world, because it certainly did today in Munich.  Luckily, my hotel(The4You Hostel, although I had my own room) is not far from the Oktoberfest grounds.  I was supposed to meet Nina at the Lowenbrau tent, but unfortunately couldn’t find her.  Nevertheless, I sat down for a beer, made some Scottish friends, and met people from all over the world.  Apparently Nina had a similar story to tell, as she told me later via text that she made some Australian friends and had a blast as well.  My Scottish friends and I had a few beers, I lost count, bought some crazy Oktoberfest souvenirs, and honestly just had a great time.  After parting with my Scottish friends, I leave to head back to the hotel, and after walking in the wrong direction for quite a few blocks, I am finally told where I should be going.  Man, that was a long walk back.  Oh well, time to rest and get ready to do it all again, except of course the walking in the wrong direction part.  Think I’ll meet Nina at her hotel tomorrow, that way we can actually hang out at Oktoberfest.

My homies from Scotland. These guys were a blast

PS. I’m looking through the pictures I took today, and I must admit, I don’t remember taking some of these.  Click the link below to view.  Enjoy!

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