Oktoberfest Day 2. I found Nina!!!! 9/30/13

I found Nina!!

Nina and me!!
Nina and me!!

Met Nina at her hotel, Hotel Uhland, which is a freaking stone’s throw from the Oktoberfest grounds; talk about the perfect location.  Met some gentlemen from Norway, chatted them up a bit, and shared some laughs. Once Nina and came down to the lobby…off to Oktoberfest!!!

First stop: the Hofbrauhaus tent, which was awesome!! The sheer number of people in this place was amazing.  We had some food, some amazing beers, laughed a lot, and got caught up.  Afterwards, a couple of Nina’s friends joined us and, well, we had some more beers. A lot more!

A Merry band of drinkers

After we parted ways, I made it back to my hotel, this time without going who knows how many blocks in the wrong direction.  Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying some Oktoberfest souvenirs, but this time I did not forget them, as I did yesterday.  

Wouldn’t be a good traveler if I didn’t get any souvenirs.

Still, before I forget, I need to buy a beer stein for myself and a Munich magnet for T.  I’ll do that in the morning though, before I leave for Zurich.  I saw some at the Munich HBF train station, which is perfect because that’s where I board the train to Zurich.  All in all, Munich was awesome!!  Oktoberfest was awesome; now to see what Zurich has to offer.


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