Beer stein, magnet, and then Zurich! 10/1/13 – 10/3/13

Waiting to board the train to Zurich.

As mentioned previously, I was not leaving Munich without my very own beer stein, as well as T’s magnet.  FYI. I promised T that I would get her a magnet from every country I visited.  I found me a really awesome beer stein, which cost (insert price here).  Now, I can officially call an end to my time in Munich, and I’m off on a 4 hour train ride to Zurich, Switzerland.

Simple, yet elegant room. Batman hat not included

I finally arrive at the Zurich HB train station, and eventually find my way to my hotel, Hotel Platzhirsch on Spitalgasse 3.  I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the room was (picture to the right).  More so, the location of the hotel was ideal.  It is walking distance from the hotel, and in an area with plenty to see.  For those who have never been, I must warn you that Zurich can be a bit on the expensive side, which is why I was only here for 2 days.  Nevertheless, it is still very beautiful, and definitely worth a visit.  The people here are also quite friendly, helpful, and plenty of them speak English, which certainly helps a lot.

Sculpture hanging at the train station

Zurich is a place well known for  shopping.  Its streets and sidewalks are littered with stores of all kinds, boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants, and so much more.  I’m pretty sure there are as many H&M stores as there are Starbucks, seemingly one in every corner.  Aside from shopping, the beauty and architecture of Zurich is something be admired.  As with any place, I advise anyone that, aside from just taking pictures, you take a moment to appreciate the beauty of what you are seeing, but also quite frankly, just the very simple fact that you are there.  A couple times I found myself whispering, “I’m in Zurich.”  Again, I was just appreciating the fact that I am able to travel to these beautiful places and have these experiences.

Lastly, a few of things that I did.  I took a self-guided tour of the Swiss National Museum, which I’d highly recommend to anyone who visits Zurich.  I also took a river cruise that lead to Lake Zurich, which in it of itself is quite a sight.  I also walked the streets of Zurich, taking in the sights as they came, such as the Grossmunster and the FraumunsterThe Fraumünster and Grossmünster churches are landmarks of Zurich.

Zurich photo albums:

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Well, Zurich, it’s been great, but now…I am off to Paris!

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