Bonjour!! Oui!! Merci!! Ummm, escargot!! 10/3/13


So, I have finally made it to Paris, France. Once the Super Shuttle arrived, I was very excited to arrive at my hotel (Hotel Royal Phare) and explore what I could of Paris for the night.  While not the greatest of hotels, it more than makes up for it by being walking distance to the Tour Eiffel, which of course, after I got settled in, was the first thing in Paris I needed to see.
I don’t see what the big deal is.  I’m just kidding, that thing is amazing!!  I can see why so many people are so eager to go see it and take pictures of and with it.  Needless to say, I was one of those people. Quite beautifully lit at night.

FYI. You can actually be fined for taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night. I read somewhere that the Eiffel Tower’s evening light display is considered “art work”, which makes it copyrighted.  Don’t believe, Google it. Or Yahoo it. Just don’t Bing it. Who does that? Another FYI. I did not know that before today, although I’m not admitting to anything.

So, ummm, I did the whole walking in the wrong direction thing again, and on top of that, it began to rain.  No worries though, a quick turn around and I’m back at the hotel. I actually wasn’t that far off. Today was a short day, since I arrived at my hotel at around 6pm or so.  Still, tomorrow shall bring an entire day of exploration.  Let’s see what Paris has to offer.

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