London…we meet again. (October 2013)

Buckingham Palace
Looks like I’m going the right way.

London, how I’ve missed you. On my last trip here, back in 2008, I stayed in the Shepherd’s Bush area of London, so I thought I’d stay in a familiar area. Booked a room at the Holland Park Hotel, which included a pretty good complimentary breakfast. By the time I checked in, it was pretty late in the evening. Still, I was able to do a little exploring, eat some fish and chips (have to when you go to London), and stopped by a pub for a couple.

Following morning, time to explore London again. Saw quite a lot of things the last time I was in London: the British Museum (which has the actual Rosetta Stone in its possession), saw Buckingham Palace(top left), the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, rode the London Eye, and so much more. Oh!!! I also took a train ride to Salisbury to see Stonehenge (quite an amazing site and an item of my non-existent bucket list)!!

Think the sign says it all
Thought it was free. I swear!

But, that was last time. Let’s talk about this time. Well, I did those same things again, except for Stonehenge. I had to. They’re that awesome. Still, I certainly intended on doing some new things on this trip. It was suggested by a good friend, Terry Barnes, that I go to 221B Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes fans will recognize the address) and check out, well, the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Jolly good! I’ve never actually heard anyone say that. Also, the booklet to the right, I swear I didn’t see the price tag until I got back to the hotel.

Another recommendation was to go on Jack the Ripper tour at night. Quite an informative and entertaining tour with a tour guide dressed as a constable; who showed gruesome pictures/drawings of the murder scenes. Definitely a must do. Anything else? Oh, the London Bridge. I’m sure I made an awful “it’s not really falling down” joke while there. Couldn’t help it.

London really is an amazing place to visit. I can definitely see myself coming back here again and again. Are you kidding me? For a Doctor Who fan like me, there’s no place like London. Aside from that though, there’s so much beauty, so much history, and no shortage of things to see and do….at least twice (see above). For now, my memories of this wonderful place will have to do until a return trip comes around. Still, this was not the end of my little European adventure. So what has it been so far? Copenhagen (7.5 hour layover), Munich, Zurich, Paris, and London. Next up? Dublin and Galway, Ireland. Look for a blog post from my time in Ireland. Until next time London. Cheers

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