First stop in October: Auckland, New Zealand!

Booking that first flight for a multi-country trip is always an extremely exciting moment. It’s essentially a “this is actually happening” moment, making the trip a reality and no longer a dream. I chose October 29th as the departure date for one simple reason, my birthday is on November 1st. So, I arrive on the 31st, which means I can celebrate both Halloween and my birthday in New Zealand. It’s been a dream of mine to celebrate at least one birthday in another country.

Love it when they say “one way”

Now, I depart DC on the 29th of October, and the arrival date, as I said earlier, is on the 31st. It doesn’t actually take 2 days to get there, just gotta keep the changing time zones in mind. That being said, there is a 6 hour flight from DC to LA, as well as a 9 hour layover in Los Angeles, and finally a 13 hour flight from LA to Auckland. Maybe I’ll have my sister come get me in LA so I can see her, my nieces, and my brother-in-law while I wait for my flight. And, I’ve been to Japan a couple times before, so I’ve done the 13 or 14 hour flights before.

Maybe I’ll get to see these 2 during my layover in LA

Still, for super long flights, I recommend bringing something with you to help pass the time. For me, I have various options: I’ll have both my laptop as well as my Windows Surface tablet, so I can write as we’re flying to our destinations. I also bought a Nintendo 3DS recently to add to the options of distractions for these flights. I use the word distraction because I think that is what one needs on super long flights. You can try to get some sleep as well, but what if you’re like me and have trouble falling asleep on planes, such as the one flight to Tokyo. Thirteen hour flight, half hour of sleep. More power to ya if you’re able to.

with Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda

I’ll be in Auckland from the 31st of October until the 3rd of November. I’m really excited because I’ve already booked some activities for my time there.  Check this out:
Oct 31st: Ziplining at Waiheke Island with EcoZip Adventures (will use my GoPro for this)
Nov 1st (Birthday!!): SkyWalk and SkyJump at the Sky Tower
Nov 2nd: Hobbiton Movie Set Tour (located in Matamata, about 2 hours from Auckland)

I’m sure I’ll find some other stuff to do with the time I have left. Suggestions are certainly welcomed.


  • Hi Henry,
    Found your blog, when you commented on my post, so I thought I’d come have a look at what you are up to.

    Wow, what a cool trip you’ve got coming up, but only FOUR days in NZ? That is sad! I lived there for almost 3 years, and it is a second home for me really.

    I have a ton of stuff on my blog from my time there, though when I moved servers last year, a lot of my photos got wiped, but the words are still there (I am working on putting photos back on manually, but it is a slow process).

    The sky jump is amazing! I also did a bungy jump from the harbour bridge which is a great experience.

    Hit me up for more tips on NZ if you want (or feel like you can stay longer – the south island is seriously the most beautiful I have been to/lived in – so you are missing loads)

    Been to Australia a few times too – where are you headed.

    Happy planning


    • Henry says:

      I know, right?? This initial trip to NZ will serve as just a tease. I’m going to have to plan a NZ only trip where I get to explore so much of it. I’ve been told that the scenery is breathtaking. So, yes, I do intend to, in the future, spend more time in New Zealand. At least I get to celebrate my birthday in Auckland, doing the SkyJump. 🙂 The Australia trip is a big deal for me because it’s been such a lifelong dream to go there. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been wanting to go there and the wildlife in person. Add to that the fact that I get to do the Shark Dive Xtreme in Melbourne, and go bungee jumping in Cairns, seeing the Great Barrier Reef, and so much more. You should see my itinerary. 🙂 Even flying to Perth to see the quokkas at Rottnest Island. BTW, really looking forward to reading your blog and getting all the tips I can get. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

  • Abbi says:

    Glad to hear of you carrying out your dreams; that is what it is all about!
    You will get a bit of a taste of NZ life in a few days, but please do go back.
    Sounds like you are doing more of Australia than I ever did. On my first trip out there – spent 2 days in Sydney and 3 weeks in NZ, so naturally I decided to move to NZ, having seen more of it.
    I have been to Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney and have posts on my site if you need a read – but sorry about the photos not being there!

    Let me know if you need any advice


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