What does one do after 3 days in Auckland, New Zealand? Me? I’m going to Hobart in Tasmania!!

The Tasmanian Devil, the first thing that comes to mind when most, if not all, people think about Tasmania. I couldn’t go Down Under and not see this little devil. So, after 3 days in Auckland, I’m off for 3 days in Hobart. Have any of you ever thought about going to Tasmania? I must admit, it’s not a place I had given much thought about going to visit, but it just suddenly dawned on me while looking at Australia in Google Maps. So, what should I do while in Hobart? What is there to do in Hobart?

Auckand, layover in Melbourne, to Hobart

Well, unlike Auckland, I haven’t scheduled much to do…yet. The one thing I have scheduled? A Hobart city scenic seaplane flight with Tasmanian Air Adventures. I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve never been on a seaplane before. So, what else should I do? Here’s a list of potentials:

  1. Feeding Frenzy Tour at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary (definitely want to do this)
  2. Mt. Wellington Half-Day Tour by Gray Line
  3. Bruny Island Tour & Wilderness Cruise (probably do this too)
  4. Cascade Brewery Heritage Tour
  5. Tasman Peninsula Eco Cruise by Tasman Island Cruises

Well, these are just some ideas as to what I might do. I found them on Expedia, which where I just happen to book most of my travels. Check them out. Tell me what you think. Am I missing anything? Maybe there’s more to do in Hobart of which I’m not aware. Either way, you’ll be able to read about what I end up doing after my stay there. Who knows? I might even rent a car.

Be well!

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