Finally! Finally! Finally! I will make it to Sydney, Australia! 11/11/15

Holy f*ck!! I’ve always wanted to go to Sydney. And, as the title of this post suggests, I am finally going to get there. Thanks to my Marriott Rewards account, my three day stay in Sydney will be free for me. Better yet, I have a hotel that is right by the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay. If I’m lucky, I may even have a view of the Opera House from my room. We’ll see.

So, what to do in Sydney? There’s so much to do. So much. Well, one thing I’m definitely doing is the Sydney Bridge Climb. Check out the link. It looks like it’s such an awesome experience!! I’m also going to the Taronga Zoo & Sky Safari, which is across the bay from where my hotel is located. Cool things is, I get to take a ferry across the bay, a hop-on, hop-off cruise! This trip just gets better and better.

So, what else should I do? The Sydney Sea LIFE Aquarium? The Sydney Tower? The Wild Life Sydney Zoo? A whale watching cruise? What? I’m always looking for ideas. Still got time between now and November. I like to say that planning a vacation is almost as exciting about as actually going on vacation…almost. Obviously, there’s nothing like the actual travel, especially when you’re going to a place that you’ve wanted to see your entire life.

Well, we’ll see how things go. You know, I’ve always loved this Australia Tourism ad, and now it’s so much better since it’s finally becoming a reality. Click on the link: There’s Nothing Like Australia!!

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