Cairns! Bungee Jumping with AJ Hackett (Nov 9)

While everything up until this point of the trip has been nothing short of amazing, this part of the trip is what I’ve been the most excited about. Bungee jumping is one of those things I always said I would never do. While researching this trip, it was one of the items available through Expedia. So, I look at the AJ Hackett International (<— Link) website, watch their YouTube videos, and am immediately sold. Now, it’s all I can think about. Well, that and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef; the reason Cairns was added to the itinerary in the first place.

Day 1: November 9th – Bungee Jumping and Minjin Swing

I only had two days in Cairns, so I knew planning this part of the trip was important, considering all of the things I wanted to do. I knew that the bungee jumping was going to take a good part of the day, so this was the day for it, also considering the fact that the other activities started bright and early, so the next second day was better for that. So, after checking into my hotel, The DoubleTree by Hilton (<— Link), I patiently…and excitedly, waited for the folks from AJ Hackett to pick me up. Superman outfit on, and I am ready to go!!!

I, as well as other folks, am picked up, and we are on our way. Excitement and a hint of nervousness are the predominant emotions at this point. As we’re registering, one of our fellow jumpers got his first jump out of the way. Quite the sight, especially never having seen it in person before. OK, now I’m registered. I start making my way up to the very top of the tower with my fellow jumpers. Man, that f*****g thing was up there; so many steps. Oh well, our turn. About four people go before me, so I sit there anxiously waiting my turn. Lo and behold, my turn arrives!! Again, excitement and nervousness are battling it out for control over my emotions. While I don’t think the nervousness never actually went away, I can proudly say that the excitement ultimately won out. Well, without further ado, here is my first ever bungee jump(or bungy as they spell it in Australia):

There you have it folks. Got that first jump out of the way. Superman flew!! If you’re reading this Kat, that peace sign was for you. LOL!! So, first ever jump out of the way. I should be good right? Hell naw!! Sorry, it was just that awesome. So, I have to go for another. This time, however, I had to up the ante just a little bit. I went and paid for a second jump and, without skipping a beat, asked to pay the extra $25 to make it a roof jump. Mind you, I did ask myself why  agreed to do it. The nervousness was trying to creep back into the battle for my emotions, but my excitement said “f*ck that!!!”. So, up we go for another jump.

For this one, one of the gentlemen who was part of our group was about to do his first roof jump as well, so kept psyching each other up. When asked, “Who goes first?”, Jose was kind enough to volunteer me. How kind of him. So, after we’re fitted with our body harnesses, I make my way up to the roof of the tower, and the rest is history. Enjoy jump #2.

What a f*****g rush! I also did the Minjin Swing. You’ll have to look that up in YouTube video for AJ Hackett. However, they did take some awesome photos of the jumps and the swing, so here we are:

Superman is ready to fly. Don't mind Jayde. He's cool.

Superman is ready to fly. Don’t mind Jayde. He’s cool.

And he's off!!

And he’s off!!

Superman in flight! Bird's eye view.

Superman in flight! Bird’s eye view.

The next three are a side view, in progression, of the first jump.


And of course, the dunk!

And of course, the dunk!

Last of the first is, what I like to call, the rescue.

The rescue! What a jump!

The rescue! What a jump!

And now, jump #2, the Roof Jump!


What a jump! It was really something, running and jumping off the tower.

What a jump! It was really something, running and jumping off the tower.

This bird's eye view photo of the Roof Jump must be my favorite!

This bird’s eye view photo of the Roof Jump must be my favorite!

And of course, can’t forget the Minjin Swing:


He really timed that well!

He really timed that well!

And there you have it folks. My first time ever bungee jumping. Never thought I would do it. Now, all I think is, “When can I do it again?”. The hope is to travel to Whistler, British Columbia in Canada to jump off the Whistler Bungee Bridge, but that’s a story for another day. 😉

Day two of my Cairns trip will go on another post. There was so much good stuff to include in this post. I did not want to make it a super long (or at least super longer) post. After all, bungee jumping for the first time is worthy of its own post. Day two coming soon!

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