Sydney!! Finally!! BridgeClimb, Taronga Zoo, and Blue Mountains (Nov. 11th – 14th)

Sydney, arguably the most quintessential Australian city. It’s definitely been that city that I’ve always wanted to visit, for as long as I can remember. The Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge: two of the most iconic sites, not only in Sydney, but in Australia as a whole. While certainly not the only ones (i.e. the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, etc.), they certainly do come to mind when thinking of Australia. Of course, they are included in that classic “There’s nothing like Australia” video from Tourism Australia. Seeing photos and videos of New Years being celebrated at these sites makes me want to go back for that, specifically.

Thanks to Marriott Rewards, I was able to book a room at the Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay (Link), probably the fanciest hotel in which I’ve stayed. A perfect walking distance from the Sydney Opera House (Link) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After checking in, room service brought up a chocolate brownie with strawberries, a chocolate milkshake, and a bottle of wine…delicious!! Even better, I guess, was the view. Check this out:


Look at the view from my room. Best view ever!


Dessert and wine? Don’t mind if I do


The one and only Sydney Opera House

First on the agenda, the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb (Link). Because of my arrival time, I could not do the morning climb. However, the evening climb was still so amazing. It was an unforgettable experience. The folks at BridgeClimb were great, our guide was amazing, and the photos he took were incredible. Of course, there needed to be a photo with a shot of the Sydney Opera House in the background.


The one and only Crocodile Hunter did the bridge climb back in 2006. He is certainly missed.


On the bridge with the Sydney Opera House in the background


The world is mine. Well, at least Sydney

As we were beginning our descent, by coincidence, there was a fireworks show in the harbour. Some private party rented out a boat and had one of the most amazing fireworks display put on. So, by happenstance, while still pretty high up on the bridge, we received quite a treat. Sadly, we could not get pictures or video of it, but there’s no way any of us will ever forget that.

The following day, I took a ferry from the harbour to Taronga Zoo (Link). It really is an amazing zoo, including an obstacle course. So much fun!!! After the zoo, I got on the hop on/hop off ferry and stop off at Shark Island, there aren’t any sharks :-(, and Manly Wharf for a little sightseeing.


The ride up the zoo entrance. Pretty cool being able to see the Opera House and Bridge from the gondola


They were kind enough to pose for a photo


He had an itch on his back. Thought I’d help. 🙂


Saw that I could get a photo of the giraffes with the Opera House in the background


Of course, needed a photo with it

Day 3 included a day long trip to see the Blue Mountains, with a stop at the Featherdale Wildlife Park (Link). Our tour guide/driver was very friendly, very informative, and just an overall great tour guide. This was a great, day long trip, and also a bit exhausting by the time it’s over, and worth every penny.


Koala selfie!!!!


Cute penguins at the Featherdale Wildlife Park


This albino roo really wanted its photo taken. Could not disappoint


He just had to try to get in on a photo

The next few photos are at/of the Blue Mountains:

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Sydney was breathtaking to say the least. I will definitely return some day. Farewell Sydney!

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