Australia Zoo, Kangaroo Dinner, and Quokka Selfie!! (Nov. 14th – 18th)

Nov 14th: I wish I could have gone to Australia Zoo (<– Link) when Steve Irwin was alive. It would have been wondrous to have seen one of his croc feeding demonstrations live. Alas, that could not be. Still, I could not travel to Australia and not visit Australia Zoo. For that purpose, I added a one day stop at Sunshine Coast. Once there, I rented a car for the day, GPS in tow, and headed out to Australia Zoo. Now, this was around the time Bindi Irwin, Steve’s daughter, was competing on Dancing With The Stars, making her one of the very few people on the show who should actually be called a star, but I digress. While I don’t care for the show, nor would I watch it, I was certainly rooting for Bindi and am glad she won. However, this did mean that none of the Irwins would be at the Zoo. It was a very quiet and slow day at the zoo, with the Crocoseum apparently closed for the day. Still, while my visit there may have been a bit underwhelming, it was still quite a privilege to be at the zoo made world famous by the one and only Steve Irwin.


Long time coming. Been wanting to visit this place for years.


The Irwin family. You’re definitely missed, Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin.

Nov 15th: The following morning, I rented another vehicle to make the drive down from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, for another one day stay. I had been searching online for a restaurant that served a kangaroo dish, and was able to find one in Brisbane, making a reservation. The meal at Tukka Restaurant (<– Link) was delicious. It was Seared Kangaroo fillet, roasted pumpkin puree, charred zucchini, samphire and a balsamic jus (not sure what that last item it). I’ll say again, the meal was delicious. It was paired with an amazing wine: a Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon, known as My Wife’s Bitter. Lastly, the dessert, which was fantastic. I forget what it was called, but my goodness, did it ever go well with the meal.


Seared kangaroo. So delicious!


The wine was a perfect pairing to the dinner.


A truly amazing dessert.

Nov 16th & 17th: From Brisbane, it was off to Perth. Perth was not originally on my itinerary, but after finding out about the quokka on Rottnest Island (<– Link), it was quickly added. I only spent a couple days in Perth. The only thing of note I did was visiting Rottnest Island, and getting a bus tour of the island. I was able to snatch a quokka selfie using my GoPro, so, mission accomplished!!! 🙂 Bought some Rotto (popular name for Rottnest Island) souvenirs, then caught the boat back to Perth to pack up. After an amazing Australian vacation, it was time to go to China. Beijing, here I come!!!


Our transportation around Rottnest Island.


This, my friends, is a quokka. Like me, it is happiest when it has food.

The coveted quokka selfie. Gotta love GoPro.

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